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If you ever needed to find that elusive wonderful British product that you have gone without for many days then fret no more.  “Sokoni” is the answer, they are the main distributor of British and Indian foods within Bulgaria and their shop within Varna is a delight to visit.

Within the store you will find those wonderful and delightful products such as Marmite, Branston Pickle, Colmans Mustard and many more products which one would love to have.  Not only this, but they also carry a wonderful selection of Indian, Chinese and West African specialist spices and food additions.



The entire product list has been made available to us so that you can quickly scan down and see what they have for your delectation, just click on this link and a new window will open

The prices are as to be expected a little higher than you would pay normaly in Tescos, but try and remember they have to exported and driven all the way here, which I can assure you takes time and endurance. Amyway, who worries when you have Marmite soldiers back on the plate!

FREE delivery is also available ANYWHERE in Bulgaria is you spend more than 50lev at one go.

So all you ex-pats its time to discover the wonders of Sokoni and the super products they have on offer, you don’t have to believe me, just go and look for yourself and I can assure you won’t leave the shop empty handed.


- Don't Delay Go Sokoni Today -


Contact Details

20, Mariya Luiza blvd
Maria Luiza 20

Phone: +35952699229