Mapping Varna
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  • Piccadilly Park
    "Piccadilly" is Bulgarian supermarket chain located in eight cities in the..


The Lighthouse Golf Resort although outside of the greater Varna..
Ice Rink / Municipal Complex at residential complex Mladost
TIM Sports Center Working hours: Mon - Fri: 07:00 - 22:00 Sat -..
Fitness center with abonaments carts at low prices.
fitness centre
sport centre
fitness centre
classical yogi
classical yogi
The proto-Bulgarian аcademy for survival.
Hall of indoor climbing and that kind of training.
Handball club „Lokomotiv” – Varna was established in 1963 with Mr...
Varna, the Stadium under the Asparuhovo Bridge.
The founder of "Barakuda" is a very experienced diver who in 1993..
Varna, Prostor hall.
Varna, Stadium Grand Hotel Varna
Sports clubs, associations and federations
Club for playing and training for chess fans.