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Varna is blessed with a multitude of museums the main one being that of the Archealogical Museum in the centre next to the municipality headquarters.

All Varna museums survive solely on the income generated by visitor attendance so please make and effort to visit as many of these as possible during your stay.  In order to assist your choice we set out below a list in order to assist you. 


The Inside / Outside information allows you to choose what to visit if weather is not good.


Varna Museums                                                                Inside Size                 Outside Size                                                                

  • Archaeological Museum                                       Extensive                    Small  
  • Naval Museum                                                         Good                           Extensive 
  • Etnographical Museum                                         Good                            None                                                                                         
  • Museum of the Renaissance                               Good                            None                                    
  • Stone Forest                                                             Shop                            Extensive
  • Aladza Monastery                                                   Small                           Good                                                
  • Natural Science Museum                                     Good                            None
  • Museum for New History of Varna                      Good                           Small                                                                     
  • Park Museum Vladislav Varnenchik                  Good                            Extensive
  • Roman Baths / Therms                                          None                            Extensive               



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