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Nova Medical Centre

REF NR: 10321

A Super NEW Medical Centre opened in Varna in March 2012. It provides a wide range of specialized and highly specialized medical activities as Ehokariografii, AG, Female consultations, fetal echocardiography, and others.

Our Goal is to raise standards in the field of medicine. In the clinic we have gathered experts from various fields to offer the best comprehensive service in Varna. Our mission is to offer this quality outside of the hospital, giving excellent medical care, to care for the patient to inform and assist in choosing a specialised hospital in case of a need for further treatment.




NEW clinicians with excellent professional experience and qualifications, work with new and modern medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. The use of traditional and alternative methods of treatment is also encapsulated. The focus of our team of professionals is on welfare and caring attitude towards patients and their relatives, offering quality services, thanks to improved mechanisms for communication, and feedback from customers, discretion, and not least, clear communication between doctor and patient.



Home / Hotel  Visits

A new service that CLINIC has now developed is a special program to care for needy sick people at home or hotel, which saves time and effort for the relatives of patients and themselves.

The service aims to assist more rapid recovery after surgery and people with impaired mobility - providing quality medical care at home

In the event of a need or emergency please call for advice on one of the numbers below

(English Speaking Receptionists Are Available) 

For Tel: +359 52501325, +359 52570670, +359 52580061


Contact Details

St. "Faith" 7

Phone: +359 52580061