Mapping Varna
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  • Capitol Hotel
    The Hotel Capitiol is a splendid 4 star hotel situated in the heart of Varna..


Municipality Varna is situated in North - East Bulgaria and is known..
Asparuhovo is one of five area which is divided Varna.
Municipality Varna is subdivided into 5 regions, one of which is..
Varna is situated on a territory of 205 square meters and is..
Varna city is subdivided into 5 regions, one of which is region..
Varna Chamber of Commerce is non-government organization and is part..
Varna Tourist Chamber is non-government regional tourist..
District Court of Varna
Varna District Prosecutors Office
Varna Regional Court
Regional Employment Directorate
regional office Varna
Regional Directorate Varna
Regional Education Inspectorate
Military Command Varna
The Public Financial Inspection Agency (PFIA) is an administration..
Executive Agency Port Administration^^ is: a corporate body of the..