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Landing at the new Varna airport
Being the second largest population city in Bulgaria and its largest port Varna is also a major cultural and financial centre as well as a major transportation hub of the whole country.




Thus, coming to visit Bulgaria to the purpose of business or tourism or both you are likely to land at the new Varna Airport Terminal.


From old to new

If we plunge slightly in the history of Varna Airport we will learn that its construction and modernisation lasted years and the first terminal was built only in 1972. However from today, Varna, being the sea capital of Bulgaria, possesses a new ultra-modern passenger terminal at the airport. It was opened on the 27th of August 2013 and the first flight arrived from Minsk. The terminal is three time larger than the current one – its airport buildings and runways are spread at about 20 000 m2 and it is really amazing but it is able to service over 1 030 passengers per hour. The new Varna airport was constructed for about only 20 months and there were more than 75 million leu invested in it. As for the old terminal it has stopped functioning after 42 years of its “loyal service” and is going to be partially reconstructed.


How it is equipped

Nowadays airport terminal number two is the newest passenger terminal in Bulgaria. It has enough wide zones, equipped with modern systems and technology for arrival and departure of tourists. The new airport terminal is notable for its modern interior and high service systems, up-to-date air conditioning and lighting systems, attractive shopping areas, new restaurants, cafes and other as places for meals. 25 check-in counters are located in an area of 1700 m2. The terminal has advanced video surveillance, X-ray equipment for hand luggage checking and automatic system for baggage screening. The terminal meets all the standards of the complex of this kind.

A few words about the design

Varna Terminal 2 is designed by renowned architects and designers, who have successfully realised the idea combining comfort and functionality with the characteristic elements of the Bulgarian architecture and nature. The image of sunflowers in interior and colours of all the colours of the rainbow of the exterior reflects the sunny and warm atmosphere of the country.

During the official opening of the terminal the first tourist were given these sun flowers embracing  the first impression of the country, to be more precise - its hospitability, culture and infrastructure precision means you can easily get on with your stay straight after arrival at the new Varna airport.

Contact Details

Little before the autoban meets bul.Vladislav Varnenchik

Phone: 359 52 573413


Lovely new terminal
I was delighted to fly back into Varna and experience the lovely new terminal, far better than the old and a great deal more for the traveller to do while waiting.

Cons: None
Pros: All good very well done.
Sean C, Apr 08, '14