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The Museum is picturesquely located in the very heart of the MarineGardens and shows some of the most typical natural features of the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast, from the border with Romania down to Cape Emmineh, and is divided into three departments: geology, flora and fauna.

The latter includes some tertiary tusks of mammoths, mastodons, rhinoceroses and shark teeth, together with molluscan fossils from the Mesozoic Age.

The second department shows the most typical vegetation along the Coast and some of the most frequent seaweeds.

The exposition of local specimens of fauna is by far the most interesting department of the Museum, showing interesting steppe, Mediterranean, Asia Minor and Middle East wild life specimens, and a large collection of local butterflies and moths.

The section on exotic specimens features tropical specimens like multicolored butterflies, ocean mussels in strange shapes, sea urchins and starfish.

Natural-Science museum in Varna studies and popularizes the geology, flora and fauna of the Black Sea and the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. There are three sections: Geology, Flora and Fauna, the formation and structure of the Earth are shown, as well as the development of life of Earth, Mesozoic and Tertiary fossils, samples of minerals, the main species of the flora along the Black Sea coast, the longoz (swamp forest), type of vegetation and the animal life in the region.

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