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Medical Center and Laboratory Nadezhda

REF NR: 4690

Medical Center " HOPE" licensed health facility for specialised assistance to hospital and medical resources in Varna, with a  team of 40 professionals with a range 20 medical specialties available. 


The center also holds an international certificate of QUALITY from the Swiss Institute of quality services.


Specilaised services include:

  • specialized examinations , doctors, consultations, second opinions ,
  • ultrasound ,
  • highly specialized laboratory diagnosis
  • fibrogastroscopy and colonoscopy
  • prophylaxis for health prevention .

Marine Consultantcy

The center als specialises in the preparation of certificates of medical fitness of marine specialists as required by the MLC 2006.

Hope Award

In 2012 Medical Center " HOPE" - Varna was awarded the Council of Europe's scientific and cultural community " gold seal " for the management, badge " Golden Book " to contribute to the development of the Bulgarian health care excellence in the management of new initiatives in imposition of the advantages of modern models “ZDRAVEOPAZVANETO” for advanced development of the sector and to promote national pride and prestige.

With two centres across Varna giving a  comprehensive service of mediacal advice, care  and assistance across the board.                                                                                                 

Our reception staff make sure you are booked in and seen as soon as possible.

 Always a smiling face to greet and treat our clientele.























With fast diagnosis and techncial labratory backup




Your problems and issues are discussed and treaments dispensed.

We strive to make sure that our patients are treated at all times with dignity and respect.


Contact Details

VARNA, 66 ”General Kolev,Blvd

Phone: 052 64 82 28 ; 052 60 99 32